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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 20, 2012 3:00am-6:03am PDT

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they have evacuated his apartments complex. they did locates an explosive in his vehicle at the scene. we will continue to follow this developing step if you right here on fox. >> gretchen: this is a fox news alert. there has been a mass movie shooting in aurora, colorado. a masked gunmen killed 14 people and 50 others were hurt in the premiere movie of batman movie. the dark knight rises. he spet off a smoke bomb. he is now in police custody. >> steve: thank you for waking
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up with us. the brand new movie was the dark knight rises. the new episode in the batman sag a. so many people there in aurora, colorado wanted to see the movie and shortly after the sneak repreviews, according to kusa, one of the affiliates in denver, someone kicked down the emergency door and threw in a smoke bomb or tear gas and when people started running, he started shooting. >> peter: it was an exciting movie . free concessions and a lot of promotions. in the past there have been police officers stationed in the movie theater to provide safety in the aurora town center . we don't know the identity of
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the shooter at this time. there were reports of a second shooter thamp is now true it appears according to the chief of police. they are looking at the issue of whether there is explosives in the automobile and/or the shooter's home and apparently a search warrant is executed to search that home to determine whether any explosives are there at this point. >> steve: that's right. there was a witness there said he was watchinglet -- watching the movie and he said people ran from the theator and police shouted get down. police were already stationed at that particular event, peter and percent there was a promotion and midnight. >> peter: many movie theaters have police officers that are made to do so. >> gretchen: we'll bring a
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woman from the swedish medical center. and we'll show phone numbers as well . obviously a lot of kids going to the movie and parents may not know their kids haven't come home. we'll bring audra. good morning. good morning. >> steve: you got the call from the police to be ready for incoming and how did they describe what happened in the century 16 movie theater. >> we were notified after the incident to be ready for mass casulties here in denver. we received three patients in critical condition. we had a male, 18. one 29 and a female 20. since upon arrival the 18 year old was treated in released and we currently have two patients in critucal
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condition. >> peter: are new teams brought in to handle an in-patient flow? >> yes, when we have a call, we did this morning with mass casulties, we'll mobilize our different departments and set up incident command center. that's what we did this morn we also you know, contacted other hospitals to see how we might help and accepted our personnel over. there are two other hospitals that are closer to the incident, that is aurora medical center in the university of colorado hospital. we'll see if there are needs for surgions. >> gretchen: it is hard it for us to know the chaos. we showed cell phone video that really demonstrated that chaos. have you brought in people to
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try to ease some of the nerves, too? i imagine there might be medical issues as well. >> we have brought in our team to be on stand by for the family members. and we are not currently expecting more patients. most patients were sent to the aurora medical center or university of colorado. we are always on standby to be able to handle family and any calls that came n. we had calls from parents looking for their children who might have been in the movie theater tonight. >> steve: can you give us an example of the extent of the injuries. people are just waking up. terrible shooting in the movie thethary and 14 people killed and at least 50 people injured . we hear some were shot at
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point blank including the baby. the nature of the injuries at swedish has been what? >> we cannot speak on behalf of the other hospitals and what they are seeing. here at swedish with our two patients in crit beingal condition the extent of the wounds were related to gunshots. one male, 18, was, was brought here in critical condition. that's what we were told, but his wounds were not to the extent of the other patients. >> steve: he has been released. >> yes, sir. >> gretchen: you said two are in critical condition? >> yes, ma'am. one 29 years old and one 20. >> steve: this is close to columbine high school.
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this will remind people of what happened there not so long ago. >> that is a very true statement. it hit close to home for medical professionals here in the hospital who dealt first hand with patients from columbine. it is an unfortunate incident and a tragedy for our city today. steve stove -- >> steve: of the people who came in did they speak of confusion. it is it a action movie and smoke flashes and gun shots. and they might have been thinking for a little bit. i wonder is this part of the movie? >> you know, i don't have information about that at this time. we don't have information as to whether or not the patients have given our medical staff as to what happened. they are in critical condition at this time and i am not sure if they are able to speak or give information on what
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happened. >> steve: we know you are very busy and we thank you for speakingitous on the phone and tell us about the mass cure. >> gretchen: we'll bring in heather now. heather, you have been covering this all night long essentially. can you give us a few more details. we know 14 dead in the movie massacre in colorado. that is a town of 25,000 people. >> the lady with the swedish hospital is one of many medical facilities in this area that received victims as a result of the shooting. there are excellent facilities that have taken folks minor to severe injuries at this point. we are hearing 14 people are confirmed dead and as many as 50 victims in the hospital.
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the gunman was wearing a bullet proof vest and suddenly appeared in the front of the movie theater. it was just after one o'clock in the morning mountain time. this was in the aurora town center just southeast of denver . acious parently the gun men had one rifle and one handgun and another gun in the theater at that time . he may have stashed the other weapon at an earlier point in time. we are hearing from folks at the scene that the suspect threw a canister in the area. witnesses heard a hissing sound leading some to speculate it was tear gas. he shot 10-20 shots in the theater. and then the gunman ran out of the back of the theater. he ran out to the parking lot.
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that is where it -- the car was parked at the time. he was taken down police. so many people were turning out to the batman movie and the police were there making sure they were handling crowd control properly. fortunately the police were there to prevent any additional loss of life. once he was in custody, he made a statement and had explosives in his apartment in aurora, colorado and also in the vehicle. police confirming they found an explosive device in his car on the scene. officers headed to his apartment and that apartment area was evacueed and - on evacuted. >> he may have had tennessee,
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license plates. that information is not double confirmed at this time but we are working on that. witnesses, a 30 year old was in the theater and watching the movie. he heard a series of explosions and people ran from the theater. and there were gunshots ask police shouted get down. he saw people falling including one young girl. police setting up a command post near a dilllard's department store and interviewing witnesses. some of the witnesses may not have seen anything significant but everything is important to officials as they investigate it gateway high school is where they are handling the questioning. the police woman there said the scene is very active. we know that 14 victims are dead at this hour 50 people
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are injured and many of them are in critical condition and so the death toll could rise. 303-627-3200. we want the families to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them. >> peter: do we know if the assailant was injured or captured without a shot fired or turn himself in or is it too early to tell. >> we don't know that at this hour. that is an excellent question. about an hour ago chief of police held a news conference and he talked about what happened and it is very early in the investigation. they are still trying to determine the information themselves. that is a question that we will continue to ask.
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11 o'clock mountain time they will give more information. stove stove apparently the suspect is a 24 year old guy in custody. other storp stores -- stories are he had three handguns and one was a long gun plus the devices in his car. we were not there but james cameron was. he was sitting in the theater adjacent to the theater where the shooting took place. >> good morning. steve stove >> steve: three different theaters were showing the batman movie; is that why you were in the movie? >> i visited my best friend jason and i live in, california. and we were in theater 8 to
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see the premiere. >> steve: the shooting happened in theater nine. what happened? >> it was an intense action scene in the movie, you know the theaters are shaking. and you know, we started to hear commotion and the action started to die down to the left of us which was theater 9 and we heard screaming and then my friend jason started choking and people started coughing and there was a strong smell. >> steve: theor - tear gas? >> it was coming from the vents. he had released tear gas prior to shooting. and the shooting started, it was utter chaos. >> gretchen: we are getting prelimary details coming in and we heard that there were
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possibly two suspects and one was still on the run and there was an active search and now just one person that was taken into custody. we know that you are in the adjacent theater. could you make out words as he was shouting and shooting. >> there was a lot of screaming over the chaos, screaming scared people. you could hear one predominant screen. it was a loud male scream and it was constant. it is frightening to think about it i am hearing that 14 people are dead by being on hold with you guys. i am shocked it was one person. it sounded like there were three or four guys in there shooting. there was multiple calibers going off. it was a nightmare of a night. >> peter: describe to us what
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you saw when you left the theater. did you see people that were wounded and stricken on the ground and did you see a response by police and ambulance. paint us a picture of the carnage. >> my frind suffered a horrible asthma attack and rushed to the hospital. fortunately there was a -- a baby girl was struck in her back. seeing a mother hold her child. you know, it is a lot. in a movie theater in midnight. it is always going to be on my mind, the thought of that little girl . that sticks in my mind and there was injured poem all over the place. >> gretchen: it sounds like it is setting in to you probably for sometime. are you going to get support
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from your friend or are you going to be there with him? what is going on with that. >> i am outside of the hospital and pime are walking in here . walk ins and the waiting room is just full. i am still, dealing with the affects of the gas. it is horrible. i don't have asthma but my breathing is restricted. it is like something out of a sci-fimovie . >> steve: you didn't know if it was in the movie or a noisy theater next dor. early reports that there were gunmen in two different theaters and set off two different tear gas bombs. it sounds like if the tear gas came through the vents. >> there was not anybody in
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our theater. we were at capacity in our theater. and the action scene died we just kind of looked at each other and everybody started coughing. my frepped had his hands on his neck. he couldn't breathe. peat pote james, it is it peter johnson. were the police at the theater? did it seem to be a lot of. was there anything special going on outside of a happy event of seeing a premiere of a aurora police officers and a security officer. there was a aurora officer making sure people were not hanging out in the cars. >> gretchen: describe it for us . we understand canine units were there and fbi on the scene and police from every possible area coming in to
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help. >> yeah, it was crazy. i mean it is like the law enforcement was falling out of the sky. one moment i am dealing with my friend and on the cell phone going crazy and there was police everywhere. they responded unbelievably and they are handling the situation with unbelievable tact. they have been great with all of us here. and i thank them for helping my friend. he could have died from the asthma attack. >> peter: what hospital are you at. >> the swedish hospital. >> steve: we just talked to their public information officer. you have had a hell of a noit and we thank you for telling us what went down at the movie theater. that is so messed up. >> peter: good luck to you. stove steve if you are just
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waking up. we have a terrible story to tell you about . the new movie the dark knight rises was premiering last night at midnight in the century 16 in the town center in aurora, colorado and it sounds like some guy wearing body army kicked down the emergency door and got in one of the theaters and started shooting. he had three guns. we know of 14 people dead, dozens more hurt. probably in the neighborhood of 50 people hurt. the suspect as why understand there was a police briefing from the police chief dan coates and he confirmed a moke bomb was used and you can see the cell phone of the absolute mayhem after. the guy is 24 years old. they searched his car and searched his apartment in
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north aurora. that was evacated. >> peter: joining us is justin josieve who heard the press conference and the up to the minute details on the horrific tragedy in aurora, colorado that started late last night. >> it was a horrific tragedy. people are showing yup people are waking toupt news. what we know is going on at this moment. chief of police are currently searching the shooter's home. he made a statement he had a device in the car. they have recovered that. and he said he had a device in the home in aurora. they are searching his home. what we know, 14 people confirmed dead. 10 or 12 in the theater.
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and 50 people injured. people say the man stood up. he was wearing body armorand turned ark round and wearing a gas mask and at that point. two bombs went off. tear gas in the theater. and there was a mass panic and the man simply started shooting. many of the dead are children and teenagers. a baby was shot in point blank range with his family next to him. people showing up and learning that it is it a tragedy in aurora, colorado. >> steve: there are a couple of stories out there. are you under the impression that the gunmen was in the movie theater or as a local denver affiliate said he kicked the emergency dordown
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came in that way. >> i don't have that information. previews played at 12:30 and the individual stood up and turned around and faced the audience. >> gretchen: we don't want to speculate but it doesn't appear it was a targeted shooting with the gunman trying to make a statement. was there a motive behind this? are you hearing anything about that from police. >> i don't want to speculate at this point. aurora police and denver police, both of their gang units were called to the location. we were told they were here just after the shooting started . we shouldn't speculate it was gang related. the individual may have had affiliation with the theaters. it is too early to diagonal
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what his - tell what his motive was. >> steve: justin, heather said there is a report out there that apparently the gunman may have had in his vehicle where they found a explosive device he had tennessee plates? >> that's what i am hearing from police sources as well. there was tennessee plates and insyndary device and he has a residence in aurora. >> peter: are you aware of gang activity in that town? i am given to understand that there has been a curfew for citizens under 17 in aurora in order to keep youths off of the street. >> well, like there are 325,000 people who live in aurora.
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like any city that size they have gangs here. some people say there is a gang problem. that depends on who you ask. whether that is part of this, it is it to early to tell. steve stove sure, justin joseph has been doing a great job reporting out in denver. we thank you for the live report. >> gretchen: folks if you are just waking up witit us. terrible news to let you know about in aurora, colorado. the chief of police telling us that 10 people were kim would on the site of the movie theater in the premiere of the dark knight rises. it was a midnight showing. it seems like there is a dark cloud hanging over the batman movie. last one that came out heath
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ledger dying and we are thinking about the images was bime -- columbine. >> peter: it casts a cloud and it is so close to columbine. on the phone is the university of denver spokesman. good morning, miss montgomery. >> good morning. >> peter: describe the scene of the family members coming to the hospital to see their loved ones. >> sure, we have 20 patients that we're taking care of. their injuries are minor to severe gunshot wounds. majority are adults and teens. families are able to come to the lobby and get information that they need. we also have support, counseling and spiritu they aret
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at this time. >> steve: what are they telling your folks as to what happened. >> we are taking care of the patients. i heard it listening to you guys report the number of the dead at the scene. steve stove nature of the wounds are gun shot wounds. >> yes, that is what we are having here. i can't speak to the tear gas that other eyewitnesses have called in and talked about. >> steve: to the best of your knowledge no one came in from breathing problems from a tear gas can tainer that he exploded before he started shooting. >> that's correct. we are focused on treating gun shots. >> steve:ly before this happened three o'clock east were time. they said to be ready for what. >> i think we received word
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that there was a mass incident and the emergency department went in high gear and patients arrived via ambulance and patients walked in on their own and came with friends. the emergency department started to take care of those. >> gretchen: are there any other times in your career that you experienced anything like this? >> sure, given our proximity to the airport and a major city, we have had airplane incidents and other things like that happen and so the team is well prepared to handle anything like >> steve: i know you train for it but when it happens, it is bad. >> right. that's true. >> steve: jaqui montgomery, from the university hospital medical center thank you for joining us.
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can you imagine you go to the movies to escape reality and you have somebody's cell phone video ask what was happening outside of century 16 movie theater and you go in to escape reality and some guy with a gun stands up ask starts shooting. had there not been security at that mall. can you imagine, he had three guns. every person in the theater could have been dead. >> peter: on the moment of the excitement of going to the movie show of the batman movie and i can still imagine across aurora and in the area, the fear and anxiety of parents, wanting to know are there children coming home tonight? we heard from james, the witness earlier about seeing a little girl shot and the mother cradling that little girl and something that will
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obviously stay with him forever . >> gretchen: emotional wounds. >> peter: we are getting more ask more details as time goes on. we know that at least 14 people are dead and 36 injured and brought to three local hospitals. the assailant in custody and being questioned at this point and we don't know if he was injured in the take down or not or what kind of response in the theater. >> gretchen: this is a fox news alert. if you are just joining us is a mass shooting in a movie theater in aurora, colorado. heather joins us now. >> we are following breaking news all morning long. 12:30 p.m. mountain time in aurora, colorado, a gunman inside of a movie theater, a brand new movie theater,
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packed with people to see the batman premiere opened fire in one of the theaters and killing at least 14 people at this hour. 50 people were taken to the hospital. there are four excellent hospitals and victims were brought n. and injuries at this hour range from modest injuries to more severe injuries the gunman apparently had a long arm rifle and two hand gunce. we are hearing at this hour, one of the handguns may have been stashed in that theater in an earlier time. we are hearing from the witnesses at the scene that the suspect threw some kind of a canister in the theater. witnesses report hearing a hissing sound and appeared to see smoke. some believe that it may have been some sort of a tear gas and that's when the man opened fire. he shot 10-20 round from the long arm and two pistols.
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we heard that the gunman ran out of the theater to the parking lot where his car was parked. the police took down the guy. one suspect is in custody and no other suspects at this time. that is something that the police will continue to investigate. police are searching his car. we are hearing it is a white vehicle and explosives were found in the car. what kind of explosives we don't know at this hour. the suspect talked to police individuals and indicated that he had an explosive device in his apartment in aurora, colorado. i think those are the peculiars we are seeing at this point. that is it a picture of his vehicle, a white vehicle, and we are hearing reports that the white vehicle may have tennessee license plates. if anyone has information on what the suspect might be, you are asked to call the police
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in aurora, colorado. back to his apartment. police officials are searching his apartment for an explosive device there. we understand that the apartment complex was evacuted at this hour. we heard that the suspect was young adult and no word on his motive. the tennessee license plates are not confirmed at this time. we are hearing from lots of witnesses. it was a packed theater so many young people wanting to see the batman movie. the movie was sold out and the movie theater was packed and we heard from benge men fernandez. he was watching the movie and he heard a series of explosions. people ran from the theater and heard gunshots and police
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shouted to get down. he saw people falling including one young girl. some of the victims were adult and some teenagers and one report that one of the victims may be a one year old baby. police set up a command post near dilllard's department store and interviewing hundreds of possible witnesses at this hour. and some of those witnesses were taken by buses to gateway high school. they are being questioned a police spokeswoman said the scene is very active. again, if you are just joining us at this hour. 14 victims are dead and many of them children and some of them adults and those are the first on the ground pictures that we are getting. ape lot of victims near critical condition in the hospital. aurora police ask anyone with information about the shooting to call. and guys at this hour, a lot of parents sending their kids
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to go out to the movies and may not be aware of what happened at this hour. there are four hospitals that people are brought so far this morning. folks can call the hospitals if they are concerned and have questions about where their children are. swedish hospital and aurora medical center and children's medical center and denver health. woleexpect a press conference in the len - 11 o'clock hour. >> steve: heather, thank you. everybody has a phone these days and soon as the shooting started, there were frantic calls started to flood the 911 switchboard. the police although there were security guys on the scene, they swarmed the area and they found the guy behind the
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theater. the shooter was behind the theater and a gas mask and a rifle and handgun and one additional weapon were found inside and he is in custody and home he is explaining why he did this last night. >> and wearing a gas mask. there was a canister that released tear gas that was going into the adjacent theaters. that is where james cameron was. he was sitting in the theater adjacent to where the shooter stood up. how are you feeling now, james? you mentioned your friend had an asthma attack and that the gas was bothering your throat? >> yeah, my throat is drying up and having a hard time driving . my friend is doing worse and they are having a hard time
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opening up his lungs . he had got a big, heavy intake of that gas. and you know, that account of the other witness that you mentioned, that is how it happened. i wouldn't call them explosions but loud bangs. that was a tear gas cans going off. i don't know if he had a flash bang or something but there was a loud explosion before the part of the movie and before we started to cough really bad. >> steve: james camon was in the theater adjacent to the shooting. we spoke to you a whole ago. the case of the multiplexes you hear racket next door and figured it was part of the movie and ther getting to scary stuff because it sounds real. >> you have three theater
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playing the same movie and you have three surround systems and each theater is full to capacity. and the buildings shakes in the movie theaters and that's what we thought it happened. the scene died down and there was calm in the movie and that's when the chaos started to take off. i don't know if it was the guys in the movie house and get down. and we knew things were not right. >> peter: james, did anyone return fire? was there any resistance or effort to take down the gunman in the theater or how hoe escaped and was apprehended out back. >> i was next door to where it happened and as far as return fire in i think there was like a mixed, from people that had
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an idea something bad was happening and three-quarters didn't think. thought it was part of the movie or a pank- prank, you know. people are crazy these days, this is not what expected to happen when i flew in to denver. >> it is hard for us to think and talk about this early in the morning and see these pictures. we saw blood on the back of one gentlemen's shirt and it is a massacre. was there blood everywhere. >> only contact with the blood was the little girl. appeared to be one or two years old and the mother was hysterical. my friend needs help and he has asthma and short gasps of breath and this little girl in her mother'sarps it is hard
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tofor me to talk about. it will haunt me for the rest of the my life. i pray for everybody and their families. >> steve: yames, you were in theater eight and it happened in theater nine. apparently, for folks just waking up. the gunman before he murdered 14 people in cold blood he exploded manage. it sounded like tear gas. you had a lot of trouble breathing. it exploded in theater nine. it was in your theater in no time, right. >> we were 7 rows back from the screen and he appeared from behind the screens in nine. and he was in front of virtually their screen. he would be sevenrow necessary front of us. you can imagine the gas flows through the thin walls, you
3:41 am
know. >> steve: sure, james right now the death toll, is at 14. >> unbelievable. >> steve: they are saying 50 are injured. with what you have seen from your own two eyes, would you believe they were injured by the tear gas and troubled injured or gun shot wounds. >> a lot of the panic, too. like i said, the question about the blood. i didn't come into contact. few poem on gurney looked to have bloody noses. but i assume that 50 is going to rise . but a lot of the anxiety. here in the swedish hospital it is packed and people are showing up in droves. and a lot of them are family, too. >> are there specialist from the hospital who are speaking
3:42 am
with you and counseling you already? or maybe that would be coming later? >> i guess the command area, we'll be questioned. i haven't been questioned. they let mow to go be with my friend. i till haven't given my account to the police. they have been great. the medical staff here in this hospital have been great. my friend suffered horrible asthma attacks and this is the worst asthma attack ever . he could have been one of the fatalities today. it is nuts here in colorado. it -- >> steve: james, you are visiting your friend in colorado. why did you decoid to - died to go to midnight batman. >> we are comic book dorkings
3:43 am
. he moved to denver for a job. and i work in radio and television in california. we bought the tickets two weeks out and literally coming out for a 48 hour two-day trip and i think i have a four year old home back home in. and i think of that girl. it makings me shake. i was not planning on this happening at all. i planned on a friendly trip to see my friend in denver. and i will get back home to my life. >> steve: thank you so much for telling your story today. >> thank you. >> peter: his life will be different and dozens of people will be different. 14 dead, 50 injured at this point. joining us now rod wheeler.
3:44 am
former homicide detective in washington dc. in fact, he teaches the psychology and the operational aspect of mass shootings. good morning. >> good morning, >> peter: you know the area and what will happen and what will go forward and anything you can add about the terrible tragedy in aurora this morning. >> absolutely the main thing to listen and look for. it was a planned shooting. there had to be warning signs with this individual. it is a fluid investigation and the police are trying to figure out who this person is. they have him in custody they are probably searching where he lives and making sure he
3:45 am
hasn't planted any bombs anywhere else or explosive devices. when he went in the theater. he had an explosive device. and if you notice, he set off t. the reason he did that. he was announcing at that point, i am here and at that point, he opened fire. obviously this guy had planned this attack and probably has been planning it for a few days now and that's why he set the bomb off. >> peter: an important issue. are there accomplices and is there a second attack, correct? >> you are exactly right. that's why the police are trying to figure out to make sure there is no one else out there and involved with this guy. it is it a possibility now it is a fluid investigation and there is a possibility that someone else could have been involved with him. where did he get the fire
3:46 am
from? and explosive devices. obviously it took a lot of planning for him to do this. here is another question that is important. why this movie theater in it reminds me of the situations that i talk about so often. such as in a shopping center and shopping mall or ball park or something like that. these are the types of things that the police are trying to figure out right now as i speak. >> steve: the death tollrose to 15 people. >> wow. >> steve: shot inside of that movie theater as the movie just started. and the story is as we know. at least 50 are injured. as we know it right now. it sounds like he was in the theater and stood up once the previews were done. soon as the movie started he
3:47 am
threw the tear gas and people rushed for the exit, he picked them off one by one. any explanation why the guy would wait for the movie to start. >> that is an excellent question. i have no idea why he would wait for it to start. it is obvious he went with the intent to create havoc. where did he get the weapon and fire power? that is it the main thing i am concerned about. where did he get the automatic weapon and probably something like an ak-fren. if he was able to shoot that many people obviously this guy went there prepared and he was dressed in military outfit or military garb. we don't know and that was not confirmed. all of those questions right now police are trying to figure out.
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do they comb through 9/11 polls in do they look for clues as to whether there may have been an indication about the person in the past in order to put together other people that are part of the web and conspiracy? >> all of the above, yes. they are doing all of those things . there had to be warning signs with this guy . someone and we'll find it out as the case progresses. someone knows about the guy. whether or not he had family members or a girl friend. somebody had to have known this guy was planning this kind of an attack. maybe he has a criminal history. we don't know that right now. it is fluid right now. let me mention one other thing. when this guy started shooting. what could the people in the theater have done in a situation like this that we just see, you have to scatter
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and you don't want to gather as a group. he set the bomb off because he wanted people to head to the door because it made it easier for him to take out his target. when there is a shooting, scatter and when you get to a safe location call to check in. >> rob, thank you. aurora, right outside of denver, 325,000 people living in that area we are told. also reports coming in that a gang unit came on the scene and canines and fbi, police from every possible area coming in to help. is there a gang problem there and could it be gang related. >> that is an excellent. i do a lot of training for
3:50 am
active shooteruations with private companies. and i can tell you there is a buffalo wild wings that i ate at. it is a heavily populated every and there is a lot of gang activity and a lot of beeves going on between people in aurora and denver. this is flewid and this is something that the police department is investigating and by the fact that the gang task force arrived on the scene indicates that it is a possibility, that this guy or shooter may have been targeting a particular group of people that went to see the screening of batman. we don't know that yet it is it a possibility. >> steve: before you go, rob. i know cops were at his apartment and they are searching it and the neighborhood was evacuted
3:51 am
because of the fear of more devices. if he left his computer at home, you have a trail of exactly what was going through his head by the websites he visited lately. >> absolutely. they already got his computer. and his cell phone. who did this guy talk to last night before the shooting? where did he go? was he in a store in colorado that sells weapon rye . was this information recorded and all of the the questions that investigators are looking at. and as time goes on today we'll have answers. >> steve: it looks like a crazy person, doesn't it? >> you just don't know. obviously a crazy person to do this kind of horrific eent. i keep saying there had to be warning signs with this guy. later on this morning we'll hear what they were who knew about this guy?
3:52 am
>> steve: rob wheeler, thank you for joining us. >> updating again. the death toll climbed to 15. 10 people were kill would on sight at the movie theater and four others were later reported dead. the fifth - 15th just passed away according to the denver post. >> steve: we have another eyewitness that was viewing batman next to theater where the shooting was. ebnezar. >> yes, ebnezar megia. >> steve: what happened last night. >> we were hanging out with friend decided to go see
3:53 am
batman. as we got into the movie. we heard the fire alarm go off and no one panicked at the time. i think that everybody believed it was part of the movie and 30 seconds later, the cops entered and that's when everybody decide tod rush out. >> peter: were you in the theater of the shooting. >> no, i was not in the theater where they were shooting. >> peter: dusmell tear gas and smoke. soon as i got out, from other witnesses there. >> peter: did you see people injured and panicking and fleeing? >> i saw one dead person and blood all over the place. i saw one coughing up blood and leaning on a female that was trying to help him. >> peter: do you know the theater?
3:54 am
is it a safe theater? >> in previous experience it is safe. i have gone over there five years and i have been out of the theater around two o'clock and had movies that finished up late and never had bad experiences with the movie theater. always peaceful to me. >> steve: before the movie started. peter johnson looked on on line and discovered a approximate promotion for last night's premiere of dark knight rises and giving out decals and things like that in the multiplex. what kind of security was in place before the movie started? did you see police officers there? >> before i went into the theater? >> gretchen: yeah. >> no, i was surprised because of the amount of people that were going to be there. i thought they would have more enforcement there.
3:55 am
>> steve: we understand it was showing in three different screens in aurora. were they all filled to capacity. >> i believe the first two were sold out and i cont get ticket it is to the first two. and i had to settle for the third one. >> a lot of excitement around the movies. we hear that a mass gunman was wearing body armor, too. when there is a movie like this. from time to time people will dress nup costume . was there other people that appeared to be out of the ordinary? did you notice that? >> yes, me and my friend was in line purchasing tickets. there was a guy that was dressed up on a full mask or
3:56 am
full body suit of batman. and we actually called him over and took pictures with him. so if somebody showed up in the movie theater wearing a gas mask would that seemed out of the ordinary. >> absolutely. >> steve: there is a report of him having a gas mask at the time. >> i heard that he actually released gas or like the -- trying to get everybody to huddle and he could puck them off like that. steve stove just a -- >> steve: just a crazy night. >> absolutely. i don't think anybody expected it >> peter: dodid you know any of the folks in the hospital? and did you speak to the police? >> we had a police officer
3:57 am
question us which theater why were at and things like that. i actually heard that one of my - not my friend but a guy going to the hospital, but they said he was in stable condition ask doing fine. >> did the police take contact information from you and the people that you were with to try to contact you on down the line and get more first hand accounts. >> no, they didn't. they were actually just trying to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. there was a lot of cars. >> peter: how old are you. >> i am 18. >> peter: was it mostly 15, 16 year old or older people. who was in the theater. >> it was a good variety if i had to guess 15-25 that was probably the majority. >> steve: when you were
3:58 am
evacated from the theater. police were concerned that the guy might have explosive devises in the car. where did they have you go when you ran out of the door? >> they expected everybody to get to the car and leave the scene. >> steve: just get out. >> people were hurt and it was crazy and few poem decide tod stay ask try to record the actul event. >> steve: on the cell. >> yeah, cell phones. >> steve: we have a twitter video from somebody that was there. and we see one of the live reporters. and i am noticing on social media they are posting tweets about what happened and if they did squeeze off a shot and a picture, they are posting them as well.
3:59 am
>> gretchen: people across the country are expressing heart felt emotion and really letting everybody know how much support they are giving to these people as well. >> steve: i notice that apartnerly the hashtag on this event tragedy out in colorado. the massive theater shooting. some of the people written in say the shooting was so jarring to me and my friends do you to proximity and temporal and spasial activity. the question is why somebody asked? we have serious sick people in the world they twitter. >> peter: sick event in aurora after midnight. we know that 14 people and 50 injured. one assailant in custody.
4:00 am
and police aring at - are investigating at the scene and in the hospitals to find out why it took place and if there is anybody involve would in bringing this together. >> steve: that's right. if you have a question. e-mail us at >> gretchen: this is a fox news alert. there is a mass shooting in aurora, colorado. a gun men killed 14 and 50 others were hurt all this in the premiere of the dark knight rises. the gunman setuv a moke bomb before opening fire. he is in police custody. >> steve: one person tweeted that there was blood everywhere. pop corn spill would
4:01 am
everywhere. >> peter: we spoke to witness james cameron who talked about seeing a child who was injured if not killed. something he will never forget and will think always of his own four year old child. went there for a pleasant trip and wound up in the midst of an aurora massacre. >> steve: the movie premiered last night in theater screens all over the country and showing on three theater screens in the century 16 in the town center of aurora, colorado across the street from city hall. >> peter: known as one of the cheaper theaters but nicer to see first run movies to see it at a cheaper price. >> steve: if you arrived early you can get decals. and one witness was a batman
4:02 am
nerd why he was it happened just a couple of hours ago . heather has the latest as we know it. >> good morning, guys. this happened 12:30 a.m. mountain time. and we followed it all morning long . police have one person, a 24 year old man in custody right now. apparently this guy lich indeed aurora, colorado and we are also hearing that he may have had tennessee license plates. that hasn't been double confirmed at this point. ther searching his home, it is an apartment in northern aurora, 10 miles southeast of denver, colorado. a community of 325,000 people. police are searching his apartment for possible explosives because the gunman tipped off police and investigators and fbi that there may be explosives at his
4:03 am
home. and police are searching his vehicle. his vehicle was found outside of the movie theater. we have pictures of that search that is underway. the vehicle was found with some sort of the explosive device in it. it could be a gas canister. there is a picture of his vehicle right there. this is what we are hearing from witnesses. the m started about midnight. after 12:30. the gunman stood up and set off a gas canister, and grabbed a rifle, and two handguns and started to shoot at random. we are hearing 10-20 shots went out over the movie theater and there was mass chaos in the movie theater. and the gunman ran out of the back of the theater to the parking lot where his car was parked. folks going to the movie at
4:04 am
12:30, there will be a lot of teenagers and parents waking up and may not have returned home. 50 people are in the hospital. some have moderate injuries and some are severe. 14 people are dead at this hour. we are hearing from 30 year old benjamin fernandez. he heard people running from the theater and gun shots and police are shouting get the witnesses saw people falling and hearing a child one or two years old may have been shot at point blank range. the police setting up a command post at dillard's department store. and interviewing witness. some of the witnesses were take tone gateway hospital for questioning. the policespokeswoman said the
4:05 am
scene is active. many are dead and 50 have been injured many of them in critical condition. police are asking if you have information about the shooting 303-627-3100. it is important to point out. this movie, this movie was sold out. and so fortunately, there were police at the scene when all of this went down. that is because they were there for crowd control. thank goodness that law enforcement officials were there. it could have been much worse, as terrible as it sounds it could have been worse. we'll come to you with more information. >> steve: thank you very much. >> peter: joining us is jamie marshall who was in the theater adjacent to where the shooting occurred. >> morning. >> peter: what did you see in the terrible, terrible event? >> i am sorry what dusay?
4:06 am
>> peter: what did you see last night in the terrible event. >> we were 20 minutes in the movie and in the middle of the shooting scene, we heard sounds as if someone set off firecrackers. we start looking around and people close to the wall where we heard it from and then it happened again bunch of them started to get out of the theaters. they seemed confused. we thought someone was pranking us in the movie. we didn't know what to do and then one guy ran to the emergency exit and he said don't go out through the lobby, somebody is shooting. we didn't know what to do. we didn't know if it was just a panic. people start running up the stairs to exit and we went up the left sound. we heard the sound and saw bullet holes had come through
4:07 am
the other theater and heard a boom and we started running and went up the stairs and police started to bring people down the stairs from the balcony and we saw a kid run out of the door that was shot and a girl who was shot in the leg and people are covered with blood. >> gretchen: we spoke with our homicide investigators, rob wheeler, he said what you are supposed to do is scatter and go as far as you can . you mentioned bullets coming through and the gas coming n. is that affecting your throat right now? >> i was on the opposite side of the theater and we could smell it where we were from. it was not as intense, it got smoky and we just department know what was going on. we thought it was moke from firecrackers or something. >> steve: the crazy thing
4:08 am
about it, jamie, you initially went to the movie to see the new batman movie and in an scene, you had to be confused. you probably thought that that is part of the movie showing next door? >> yes, first of all it was from next door and then we saw the smoke and thought someone was pranking everyone by setting off a fire cracker and thinking it would be funny if they set off a foir cracker. stove steve why did you go at midnight? >> we were looking forward to it but my boyfriend want tod see it we bought tickets to theater nine. all of our friends went earlier. and we bought last minute tickets and there were seats open in eight with our friend
4:09 am
we are fortunate that we decided not to go in the theater. >> peter: you said the bullets pierced the wall. was anyone struck by the bullets that came from the other theater. >> we believe that is why -- they stood up someone was hit. a girl was bent over and someone was in the lobby shooting was near her and she was bent over and someone was helping her and they start tod get out slow lie the rest of the theater realized something went on. we ran out. >> steve: the shooter was in theater 9 and you were in sevenor 8. someone was struck by a bullet? >> i am not sure. i don't know where the girl came from.
4:10 am
it seemed like she came from the group that stood up. the whole group panicked and started leaving and i think she was struck or grazed. she seemed to be injured and started to go out through the front door exit. >> steve: thank you, jamie for telling us what happened in the century 16 movie theater in aurora, colorado. >> peter: that is amazing you are sitting in the theater and struck by a bullet. >> steve: if people are just joining us. two or three hours ago. the story was that there were two gunmen in two different theaters and they pulled something off simultanous. but there was confusion because some of the tear gas from theater 8 went in theater 8 and 7. >> you can imagine the chaos
4:11 am
spilling over with the shouting and listening to the bullets being fired. we know he is a young male in the early 20s and we are working to obviously get an identity on him. we'll go to kelly burke. you covered columbine as well. how reminiscent is this of that? >> that is the first thing that went through my mind. i covered columbine. it was a horrible tragedy and nothing like that ever happened in colorado. and i hope nothing like that happened happen again. butacious parently it did last night. >> steve: the site of the massacre 20 miles from columbine. >> yes, littleton is a south of denver and aurora is southeast of denver.
4:12 am
i have seen aurora grow to a small suburb of denver to second largest city in colorado. it is booming and like any other city has its share of crimes, but nothing like >> steve: kelly, we were told that the gang squad was there. they may have been en route because of the gigantic crowd that showed up for the midnight showing is there a gang problem in aurora? >> yes, there are like in any major city. there are shootings occasionally . it is not like the town is overrun with gangings. for the most part it is it a nice livable suburbs that you would want to raise your kids in. >> steve: what do you need to tell us about what happened
4:13 am
last night? >> it is shock and sad to see this sort of thing happens not just here. but sad for the victims and the entire community. >> steve: no kidding. >> do you feel like the community is able to deal with a mass casulty situation and more hospitals are respond sending ambulances. we have talked to several of them this morning. >> absolutely. like i said aurora is the second largest city in colorado, right next to denver and they share resources and they are well equipped. >> steve: the death toll, people are just waking up last night at 12:30, hundreds of people went to the brand new batman movie called the dark knight rises. and in the century 16, guy stood up in the front of the
4:14 am
theater just as the movie was starting after the previews and started shooting and 14 are now dead and 50 are injured. kelly, i would imagine that a number of the injuries are related as well to the tear gas. the guy detonated a device that gave off fumes there in theater nine and thanks to the great ventilation in the multiplexes, it was throughout the theater in no time. >> i imagine so . those injuries may not be as serious. i understand 20 people in the university hospital alone and as you said 14 are dead. but i am sure that many of the injuries will be treated and released. >> steve: kelly burke, out there in denver. >> peter: joining us is dr. michael bodin. he is a great medical examiner
4:15 am
in the country and part of the fox team. thank you for running over and speaking to us on this issue . it seems like dejavuall over again in terps was columbine. >> yeah. >> peter: what are the injuries that you look as a pathologist and someone to help put the pieces together as to how the incident came together? you as a medical examiner and investigator? >> all of the deaths will go to den strer, they can handle deaths like this. and everybody will be autopsied and the bullets removed to so if the bullets came from one weapon. there may be injuries. sometimes stampede situation people die by being over from other poem. >> peter: people are crushed and heart attacks and asthma. we had a man who talked about his friend having an asthma attack. what evidence will they do to
4:16 am
make it easier and better. >> most important thing is recovering the bullets and that will be matched up to whatever one or more weapons that are gathered by the police and be able to track down where they came from. where did the weapons come from and the bullets come from and was he able to get the weapons. it is it interesting here, this is it a vulnerable population in a darkened movie theater. and the only other movie theater situation that i can recall is when lee harvey oswald capture he pulled out a revolver and was going to shoot people and the police officer put his hand and insert his thumb in such a way the weapon didn't fire . he was a hero guy. >> steve: what is dibolical
4:17 am
about this situation, it sounds like he was down in the front of the theater with hundreds of people. the guy is down in the front and stands yup turns around and has three handguns and the only way out is past him. >> people may have thought it was part of the show and it would be confusing and a guy start shooting, is this part of the show or not people hesitate. and the only other thing mass murder is schools and columbine and also we have had some in restaurants where people are. luby's down in texas. thootthat's right one in new york city. people are relaxed and they can't protect themselves like in the movie. and i am just concerned that given our concerns about terrorism and all this is going to hurt the movie
4:18 am
industry in the summer. help us to get in the minds of the masked gun men. when we see other shootings like columbine happen and we see the previous experiences that they had and some of the clues that something like this could have showed up. in your experience what is it from the personality type? >> one of the things that happen here, there are clues and who missed the clues? was high in a psychiatric help in was friends and relatives knowing he collected guns? there would be a lot of blame going around potentially as to who missed the issues that should have shown that he shouldn't have gotten the guns and he shouldn't have been able to walk around without some kind of superition --
4:19 am
supervision . >> steve: who knows whether or not this guy posted stuff on social media talking i am going to do. >> you are right. social media is very important to police in tracking all kinds of screwy people and murderers. it will be interesting to so if he posted anything that should have been a red flag. >> peter: the fact that it was done in the dark with tear gas used. it seems there would be vulnerable people in the dark in the theater. this is something long contemplate thought about . >> this is scary by the very definition, the movie leaves it open to crazy things it is a harbinger of what people are
4:20 am
going to look to as far as security goes. >> thank you, doctor for your help. >> steve: we'll take a quick break. stay right here as we continue our coverage of the movie our coverage of the movie massacre in colorado. my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds.
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4:23 am
>> fox news alert there has been a mass shooting in aurora, colorado over night. a masked gunman kill would 14 people and police are saying 50 others are hurt. all this in the premiere of the batman movie "the dark knight rises". the gunman is now in custody.
4:24 am
>> steve: this morning the president was notified by the shooting by home land security advisor and released this. mishle and i are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in colorado. federal and local law enforcement are responding and my administration will do everything that we can to support the people of aurora in fra this extraordinarily difficult time. we are committed to bringing who ever was responsible to justify and insuring the of the care of the wounded. we must come together as one american family. all of us must have the people of aurora in our prayers as they confront the loss of family, friends and neighbors and stand with them in the challenging hours and the days to come. that statement from the president of the united states moments ago. >> peter: in response to the
4:25 am
massacre. joining us now it bill gavin, the president has spoke yen the fbi is involve would. how will the fbi assist in this investigation and what is done going forward to make sure movie theaters are safe, bill? >> there is a lot of issuings. what the bureau will do is be of assistance to the local police department and local pd and sheriff's office and work in conjunction with them. i understand that there is it inication that the individual involved was driving a car with tennessee plates. anything investigation out of state, that can be conducted for the aurora pd will be done by the bureau. the bureau will put any expertise that they request and guarantee they have that.
4:26 am
in tirps of the other things to do work together with atf and look at origin of the weapons and there is inication that tear gas canisters that went off. this individual had access to arms and amnusion and other sours of chaos. and so, it is a confusing issue that is ironed out. what can we do to protect the area? it is a terrible situation . we can't lock down the country. you can have indicators but a movie like this with hype, with batman. people do things and come in costume and you don't know who these people are. and that may be one thing somebody want to look it. whether or not they will be allowed in costume to come to a movie theater or shopping
4:27 am
mall. huge places where people can get hurt. >> steve: one of the thingings, bill, it is a action move yelike the star wars, would you be surprised to see someone with a mask? no. there are stories out there that he may have had a gas mask on and could have put it on before or just as he was able to detonate one of the tear gas canisters. bill, we are looking at a neighborhood in north aurora, colorado, and that is it the neighborhood that the alleged shooter is would fbi about on scene this morning and what would they do at his house? >> sure, they would be on scene to assist with the aurora pd . evidence response team to assist with gathering and collecting evidence.
4:28 am
and also if in fact a search to be done for weapons. aurora pd and sheriff's office are verial and so i am sure they have their own resources to do that. and any assistance, they would have agents on the scene. it is a huge complex at that apartment. >> there were reports was two gunman and there was a report of the second shooter and bullets were going in another theater. but the good news that there is only one suspect and he's in police custody. what kind of interviewing would be happening. >> i suspect it would be done by the aurora police department. psychology of the profiler and the bureau is can be of assistance. and what is behind the scenes
4:29 am
and what he said. they will provide that as well. we have a lot of work going on right now in terms of where did he get all of tharps and how did he get ahold of it. and has he been a trouble would person before? >> steve: biggest question of all, why? bill gavin, former head of the fbi in denver. thank you for joining us. >> it is my pleasure. >> peter: please stay with us. we'll be right back. . e and stays whole. see the seam? e and stays whole. more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon. >> welcome back to "fox and friends". we have continuing coverage of the fox news alert. movie massacre in denver, colorado. 14 people are dead. and 50 more reportedly injured this morning. this all happen nothing aurora, colorado 10 miles east of denver. according to the police. the massed gunman stormed in the theater and set off explosives. listen here. >> police officers responded and found the gunman in the back of the theater outside in the parking lot near a car in possession of a gas mask and hand rifle and gun. one additional weapon was
4:34 am
found inside . the shooting went on for sometime. >> steve: in all so far 14 are dead and 50 injured. just crossing the wire according to the associated press, the fbi is now saying that there is no inication in the colorado shooting probe of any connection to terrorism. >> heard that in morning. >> peter: heather is now here and following this all morning and putting the pieces together. heather tell us when we know about the tragedy. >> good morning, 12:30 a.m. mountain time is when it happened. 14 people are now dead and 50 people are taken to the hospital with injuries that range from moderate injuries, to serious injuries. ip want to reference the live shot we have here. we are looking right now as a wat team searching the apartment of the suspect who was captured in the movie
4:35 am
theater. the suspect talked to police and said something to them about possibly having a bomb, are some sort of explosive at his apartment. we can see the police out there, that is a wand that probably has a mirror so they can see if there is anything inside. they want to be careful that a bomb doesn't blow up. the area has been evacuated so nearby residents are safe. this is happen nothing aurora, colorado as we speak. the suspect's car was also searched. there was a device that was found in the aurora movie theater and details beyond that we don't know. the suspect is 24 years old, white male and apparently living in aurora, colorado. we are hear thag - on hearing
4:36 am
that he may have had tennessee license plates. that hasn't been confirmed at this time. 12:30 a.m. this morning mountain time a lot of folks were packed in the batman movie premiere and a man opened fire in the front of the movie theater. and he fired 10-20 shots. he had a long arm along with two pistols. one pistol he stashed before the movie started. when we don't know. the guy set off a tear gas canister and filled the theater with smoke and that caused panic and he started shooting. benjamin fernandez was watchinglet movie and heard explosions and people ran from the theater and there was gun smotshots police are shouting
4:37 am
to get down. this is the opening night of the premiere of the movie. folks inside said they saw people fall inside of the theater including one young girl. a child one or two years old was shot at point blank range. police are setting up a command post near a dillard's department store and they are interviewing happens of possible witnesses. keep in mind, packed movie theater and 16 screens at that theater and very crowded last night. some of those witnesses were taken by buses to gateway high school for more questioning. the police scene is very active and the victims, so far 14 dead and 10 of them dying at the theater. many of the victims were children and teenagers. another 50 have been injured. many of them are in critical
4:38 am
condition. and aurora police ask 303-627-3100 if you have information. the four hospitals swedish medical center is one of them. aurora medical center, children's hospital of colorado denver health. that's the latest from here and we'll give you anything new. >> steve: thank you very much. the images out of aurora are interesting. you can see members of the swat team right there and as a chopper comes around to the side. you can see him standing on the top of a special vehicle. it looks as if -- we know they evacuated the neighborhood but don't know if they were inside to inspect. peter, there is a worry he might have planted a booby trap. >> peter: yes.
4:39 am
it appears, you notice there is it a wide perimeter there and at that truck outside of the window there is outside is the suspect's apartment. there may be explosives or detonation booby traps. >> steve: he would think they would come through the front door. >> peter: that's right. as you pointed out. they may be inserted a camera or listening devices. it would appear as to the contents of the apartment or occupiants of the apartment. there is lot a large contingent of police. there is a lone police officer atop particular vehicle in order to determine the contents and the occupy ans of that apartment in the event of
4:40 am
explosives. they are not interested in having more people lost on this tragic morning in aurora as a later surprise that the suspect may have planted. >> steve: when the chopper pilot was pushed n. the member of the swat team had something on a long poll. a listening device or camera. they can see what is inside. apartment. >> doing everything so gingerly. we'll bring in jamie marshall who was an eyewitness of the theater. she was actually in the theater adjacent to where the shooting occurred. jamie, talk to us about what you experienced as soon as the gunman opened fire with the sight sowns of what you noticed. >> especially a lot of confuge
4:41 am
. we had a few bullets come thrupe the wall. it was mass confusion and kind much chaos and people didn't know what was going on. we were all afraid of another gunmen in our theater. there was no instruction until we got to the lobby and they told us to gun out as fast as we could. >> police are out in the lobby saying run. you ran out of the century 16 multiplex. where? they wanted you to get in the cars and go home. >> we ran out of the theater and once out of doors, police were just getting there, route after it happened. people were outside shot and people were trying to help them and officers everywhere. and they didn't know if the person was caught or what not. we ran into the parking lot and went to our cars and the
4:42 am
cop said just run. we went off into an intersection and there was another cop that took our information. >> steve: one of the reports said that the police were carrying and dragging bodies out. you were looking at people who were injured or killed outside? >> yeah. i saw one girl. i wasn't sure if she was right outside of the theater. and no police were with her and people were trying to help her. she was not moving. and looked like she was shot in the leg but didn't seem to be conscious. we didn't know what was going o. we saw random blood on people that was shot. >> steve: we thank you very much, jamie marshall for telling your story. it is it 5:42 a.m. in aurora, colorado and we have a live camera outside. it happened shortly after the movie started last night.
4:43 am
happens of people were there to see the dark knight rises. brand new batman movie. people have looked forward to this for a long time somebody with three guns and tear gas was in the front of the theater and stood up and ignited the tear gas and started people off one by one. >> peter: one report said may have broken through the door. and had tear gas and some people thinking it was a stunt associated with the promotion of the batman film in aurora, colorado. where 14 people died and 50 injured. >> yeah, so many injured and the death toll could climb. stay with us as we follow the latest on the mass shooting in
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> welcome back to "fox and friends". we have continuing coverage of a fox news alert. a movie massacre outside of denver, colorado. at least 14 people are dead and 50 more injured ask a suspect in police custody at this hour . >> steve: this is the worst mass shooting in the united states since 2007 and virginia tech. we heard from the fbi this morning, they are saying at this point they don't believe there is any connection to terrorism. the interesting thing about aurora, comcol. when we cannot out to the democratic national convention, the "fox and friends" stayed in aurora, colorado. it is a nice town and just like a lot of towns all over the country and our fox news channel producer kelly burke is posted out there and kelly,
4:48 am
this particular town, aurora, colorado is like a lot of places. you would think that something like this would never happen >> exactly. aurora is a very middle class city. you know, am not sure the median income but it is middle class and diverse. like i said before, there is crime like in and city. second biggest in colorado, but never anything like this. it is unbelievable it happened here. >> peter: for a long time aurora was seen as equaling in terches -- terms was denver. right, kelly. >> yeah, aurora, i grew up in colorado and aurora used to be a small city on the outskirts of denver and it has boomed in the last few deck aids and now the second largest city .
4:49 am
denver sits on the plains and aurora keeps growing east ward and there is a lot of plains out it is it a huge city. like i said, very middle class. like you see anywhere in the country. >> steve: it is a suburb of denver as is littleton, colorado where not that long ago, that is where columbine happened. and that, too, it would never happen here. but it happened there. >> yeah, columbine is southwest of denver and again, it is a nice middle class suburb. i felt bad for the people who lived in littleton, for years after that. i live indeed littleton and every time i said that. oh, my god, columbine, how can you live in that city? it is a great city. there just happen to be horrible crazy people who did
4:50 am
horrible things there. >> we hear no connection to terrorism. could there be ties to gangs? we heard a gang unit was on scene. we have to wrap things up. but is there a gang problem. >> there is gangs in aurora. we haven't heard anything on that. but i am sure they are investigating that. >> steve: it is just like a lot of towns in the country. aurora, colorado, it is hard to believe what happened kelly burke, thank you for joining us live and painting a picture of where the massacre happened last night. >> thank you, kelly. >> peter: stay right here as we continue our breaking news coverage on the movie massacre in aurora, colorado. we'll have new details, coming
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> we are talking you back to aurora, colorado live where a shooting happened. a mass murderer, opened fire in the movie theater when hundreds of people were packing in the theaters for the latest batman movie. the dark knight rises. 14 people are dead. 10 at the scene ask others at the hospital. many are in critical condition and that number could rise. >> steve: we are yoined by rob wheeler. he is an expert on situations like rob, let's switch from the scene of the murderers. but we have video.
4:55 am
this is apparently the shooter's apartment. he told the cops he had explosive devices. testimony us what the guy with a long pole tanding in the window is doing. >> that pole, i can't see it but that typically has a camera and you hold that and use that pole to get closer to what you are seeing without someone getting injured. one other thing, i have a source out in the denver police department and i am getting emaims from him. and this is not confirmed, the suspect had a bullet proof vest on when he conducted the shooting. and i am getting a few more bits and pieces. i don't want to run with it yet. and also, this suspect had canisters in his home and these are the things that police are finding. canisters and had gren apeds is what my sources are telling
4:56 am
me and the atf is involved in this case and they are looking at where in fact, this guy was able to get this type of explosive device from. it is a fluid investigation. i continue to get more information about that now. >> peter: this is a full national investigation and bringing in atf and fbi. rob, we'll come back to you after the break, but i want to talk to you about how the people have the ability to get tear gas and should it be legal? >> apparently the guy was wearing a gas mask moments before setting up the tear gas explosive device. and as people started to panic and run out, he was down front and he started shooting. >> we'll have more breaking news coverage on this story. a mass murderer opening fire
4:57 am
in the movie theater in aurora, colorado. we'll be right back after this rile short break. ♪ the one and only, cheerios [ cellphone rings ] the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby.
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5:00 am
>> 7:59 on a friday morning. fox news alert. movie theater massacre in colorado. at least 14 people are dead. 50 more injured. police do have a suspect in custody and there is a search underway at his apartment where officers suspect there could be explosives. they brought in atf. this is in aurora, colorado. >> steve: apparently what happened, hundreds of people were in attendance to watch the premiere of the brand-new batman movie called "dark knight rising s." at the cineplex, so mean people showed up, they were going to have three showings of it at midnight. when the shooting started, people were confused. they thought, is this part of the show?
5:01 am
no. it was not. >> peter: the assailant caught in the park lot after by after allegedly throwing down tear gas or stun grenades in one theater and firing into the crowd. the darkened theater at the cineplex 16, century 16 theater, and in fact, it appears that people may have been injured in the adjoining theater as bullets pierced the wall, according to at least one eyewitness we spoke to earlier this morning. >> steve: that's right. and it happened just after 12:30 rocky mountain time. heather has been up all night covering it and she's got the very latest details. there are so many stories, so many eyewitnesses with those hundreds of people and now they're telling them and we've got some of them. >> that's right. we are seeing lots of this video pouring in. i want to hit on something you mentioned. that was that police were able to get this suspect very quickly. that's because this is a big movie premiere. so there were a lot of people
5:02 am
expected to turn out to the sold out show of "batman returns." the police were there in part to provide some crowd control. fortunately they were there. we have to assume that that helped prevent a greater loss of life. we are hearing now at this hour, 14 people have been killed. at least 50 people have been injured. they've been taken tootles four local hospitals right now. just a quick recap if you're joining us now, just after midnight mountain time, the aurora town center movie that's truer, the 2009 was there, he had one rifle, one hand gun, and another gun, we believe we're hearing was stashed inside that movie theater. the suspect inside that showing of the movie threw some sort of canister in the theater. witnesses report hearing some sort of hissing sound and then seeing what appeared to be smoke and then the gunman opened fire. we are hearing that between ten and 20 shots were fired, but that information could certainly change as this investigation
5:03 am
continues. the gunman then apparently ran out of the back of the theater to the parking lot and that is where his car was parked and that's where police took him down. the guy talked to police immediately right there and he said something to the effect that he had explosives. not just at his apartment, but also in his vehicle that was found at the scene. we do have live pictures that we can bring you in just a moment of the search that is taking place at this guy's apartment in aurora right now. police are looking for any possible explosives. we also understand that atf is on the scene. they are taking a look at any explosive material that they might be able to find and we understand that there are also tracking the weapons that were found at that scene. here is what we know about the suspect. young adult male, white, and he's in his early 20s and we understand that he may have had tennessee license plates. that is not confirmed at this time. that's the latest from here. we'll keep following this. back to you. >> steve: we thank you very much. darryl is an eyewitness. he was in the theater right next
5:04 am
door. keep in mind, there are about 16 different screens in this theater. they were showing the batman movie in three different ones. the shooting happened in theater 9. darryl, where were you? >> in theater 8. >> steve: okay. so you're in theater 8. describe what happened. >> well, the movie just started. our movie started 12:01 and that's right 9 started at 12:09. we got in early. and just started and all of a sudden, thereof some pops. we looked over and saw smoke and then i had gotten hit in the leg with debris. at the time, we didn't know what it was. i'm not injured or anything, but like the guy next to me got hit in the arm. another guy got hit in the shoulder. >> steve: by what? >> we don't know. it was dark. the bullets were coming through the wall. now we know there was a shooting, this stuff was coming through the wall. debris was coming through the wall. we were trying to figure it out. we looked over and immediately
5:05 am
people started running out. a woman was grabbing her face and people started leaving the theater. we got up and kind of like an awkward thing, the movie was going on and it's dark. it's dark in our theater. since there wasn't shooting in our theater, we heard noises, so we didn't know what was going on. people started going through the door. i'm like hey, guy, wait a second. there could be an ambush. people went out and there is like somebody is shooting and they came back in. we went out the top of the stairs to the back of the theater to go out the balcony and that's when we smelled the tear gas. by that time we saw the aurora pd cop not guilty with shotgun shotguns -- coming in the building. then they got us out of the building and then at that moment when we started coming out, we saw our theater, 9, started mixing and seeing people that
5:06 am
were injured and we -- everybody jumping in, trying to help people. we were carrying people to the ambulances and trying to treat people 'cause the ambulance hadn't arrived yet. we were carrying people away from the building and getting them away. the sad part is that the majority of the theater is kids. it was crazy. >> that, of course, is of concern for parents living in the aura area who sent their teen-agers out to see the new batman movie at 12:15 showing and here comes this mass gunman surprising everybody in that town of 325,000, just really rocking them. darryl, we initially were getting reports there were two gunmen and that one gunman was still on the across and there was an active search for him. was that a concern of yours and were you concerned there would be even explosives in the
5:07 am
parking lot possibly? >> there was all kinds of stories going on in the stadium. it's chaos. the police officers and people were saying things. some people were saying terrorists. some were saying six gunmen. some were saying they were in the mall. you have to understand the chaos and everybody is trying to get -- everybody is saying something different and they're trying to assemble it quickly so they can do something and help people. as far as my concern, it's getting those kids that were injured up to the ambulances and helping them out and start praying for the kids. that's what everybody is doing right now is praying because the kids that are injured, the ones that have lost loved ones and the ones that aren't affected will be affected for a while. we pray for them. >> steve: darryl, eyewitness, former military, we thank you very much. we should point out the car that the chopper out there in aurora, colorado is zeroing in on, you
5:08 am
got to figure that is probably the suspect's car. we heard from heather a moment ago that apparently it has tennessee plates. can't tell from this particular angle. the chopper pilot isn't zoomed in on it. that could be the car of the guy mo did the shooting. >> peter: you can see that scene is obviously being preserved for photography, for identification purposes. no one is allowed in that scene to insure the integrity of that crime scene. we can see, when you look at the massive theater, that that car is parked at the rear of the theater. most accessible to an exit point in the rear of the theater. >> steve: that could go to the earlier story from, i think, kusa out there in denver that said that the gunman knocked down or broke through the emergency door, the fire exit door and then me in and started shooting. rod wheeler, former homicide detective, joining us from washington, d.c rod, you were telling us that you've got friends in the denver
5:09 am
pd area and they told you some things about the case that we haven't heard yet. go ahead. >> right. there is a lot that's coming through. obviously a lot of this information has not been verified or confirmed. so keep that in mind. what i'm hearing is that this male, who is a 24-year-old male, he was armed with several weapons, some of the weapons that he had were automatic weapons and that's why he was able to get off so many shots. shear a very important point: apparently this guy set off a flash canister of some type and the reason he set that flash canister off is so that he could get more of an impact from his shoot, from the shots in which he did. so when people started running towards the exits, that's when the first shots rang out because this guy started shooting people who were huddled together, which makes a lot of sense. that's all trying to be confirmed, like i said, right now. but that's what i'm being told. in addition to that, the atf is involved and they're trying to figure out whether or not these bombs that this guy had and right now, they're executing a
5:10 am
search warrant at this guy's home, they're trying to figure out did he purchase this stuff already made or did he put this stuff together? these are the things that they're look at right now, steve. >> steve: all right, very good. and so as we look at the -- the chopper pilot just zoomed in on the car. i think we heard one of the reports that not only has the suspect said there could be explosives at his house, you got to figure they got to look at that car to make sure that's not booby trapped either. >> exactly. not just that car, though. but any other vehicles that may be associated with this guy and any other individuals, any other people. who does this guy know? who are his friends? these are the people that the f.b.i., the bureau of criminal investigation and the state of colorado, they're involved in this. they're trying to figure out who was this guy? they had the guy's cell phone. they want to know who did he talk to last night? all of these things right now are in progress. obviously it is a very fluid investigation. >> peter: what sets this apart, what appears to set this apart
5:11 am
in this investigation is that very often when you see mass murderers in these kind of catastrophic situations, they are the victims of suicide or death by cop. >> that's right. >> peter: they're not living to tell the story soon after. so we know he's in custody. so he will have been read his rights at this point and he may or may not be speaking to the police to help them with regard to putting these pieces together. >> you know, what i'm being told is that he is talking to the police. what's even more important is the fact that if this is confirmed, this guy was armed not only with the weapons, but he also had a bullet proof vest. so maybe it was his intent to create more carnage than he created and i'm wondering if he ran out of bullets and maybe that's why he stopped shooting. we don't know. all of those things will be answered today. you're exactly right. >> steve: well, apparently according to the sources he was wearing gas mask at the time as well.
5:12 am
as we look at the cell phone video moments after the shooting, of it absolute melee there at the movie theater. we thank you very much for details as you know them right now. thank you for joining us from dc. >> thank you. >> 8:11 on this friday morning. we'll continue covering this story, of course, this fox news alert right after a short break. 14 people confirmed dead and more injured after a massacre inside a denver area movie theater. we'll be right back according to ford, the works fuel saver package could
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i mean, phil, does this look risky to you? nancy? fred? no. well it is. in a high-risk area, there's a 1-in-4 chance homes like us will flood. i'm glad i got flood insurance. fred, you should look into it. i'm a risk-taker. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit to learn your risk. >> steve: it was a massacre at that movie theater in aurora, colorado. right there you're look at the apartment building where the shooter lives. we've known that was his apartment building. we've seen his car and now we know his name. his name is james holmes. he is 24 years old and lives in north aurora. he was apprehended at the scene. he was wearing a bullet proof vest and a riot helmet.
5:16 am
apparently what he did was we saw his car behind the movie theater a couple minutes ago from the chopper shot. apparently he crashed through the emergency exit door at the back of the movie theater, which was the front of the auditorium, and he set off a smoke bomb and multiple firearms.zens of at least 15 dead at this point. 50 injured. >> peter: now local county, state and federal resources are at the beck and call of the police department of aurora, colorado, where they are now searching or attempting to search the home of apparently mr. holmes. they have bomb squad crews on the team, swat teams, tactical teams on the scene. >> steve: and a little while ago, about half hour ago, they had a swat vehicle where a guy was standing on the top of the vehicle with a long pole. rod wheeler told us he thought there was probable lea some sort of a listening device or else a camera on it. as we can see, they brought in
5:17 am
looks like a hook and ladder truck. getting a little closer to figure out what exactly is going on there. dr. michael bodien is a forensic pathologist, world famous. what do you think they're doing? >> i think they're trying to make sure when they go in that they're safe and there are no booby traps at all. but i think that this has pointed out the vulnerability of movie goers to not only gun fire action but also to gasses in an enclosed space and they've been put on notice that this could happen again. there could be copy cats and -- >> steve: what do you mean copy cats? >> some other mentally disturbed people who go in and they want fame. they want their picture on the front pages of the local newspapers, or they have a political agenda. they're upset at the united states for some reason. >> peter: since 2001, this has been the kind of the scenario we were all afraid of. a soft target, a mall, a movie theater in a mall and like that. thank god it hasn't happened.
5:18 am
we've almost become used to the fact that there are shootings at schools and educational institutions. so you believe that as a result of this, there is going to be a new sensitivity to these types of places, even though it doesn't appear to be an act of al-qaeda or some organized terrorist group? >> that's right. there are going to be more police protection and more security in theaters with the fear that people aren't going to come in. they'll see the movies at home of the it's interesting, here instead of going through the regular ticket channel, he apparently came in a back door. those are going to be -- >> steve: he had a long gun. >> but hand guns and gas, you have a gas attack or something, you can hide in a backpack or something. >> if somebody comes in wearing body armor to the batman movie or a mask, we heard reports from other eyewitnesses there that there were people dressed up. that happens. >> that's a problem also.
5:19 am
>> is that going to be something that is going to change as well? are we going to start to see security or people even at the harry potter and twilight movies? >> as of tomorrow, we'll probably see changes in security in large movie theaters. even harry port, you come in with a broom stick, you could have a rifle under a broom stick. >> steve: the fact that this guy -- he goes in examine there we can see a member of one of the investigative units going up that hook and ladder truck to get a better idea of what's going on inside his apartment. if the guy is wearing a black -- what was he wearing? a gas mask. he had on some protective vest and a riot helmet. that sounds like he didn't want to die in this. >> yeah. it's interesting that he wanted to protect himself and as peter pointed out, the fact that they got him alive is going to be very helpful in the investigation, and also to see what holes there are presently in our ability to prevent such
5:20 am
attacks. one of the things is going to be tracking the gun, tracking the bullets, tracking the tear gas canisters. i'm sure that there are red flags in his background that are going to come up in the next 24 hours about mental illness or outrageous behavior in the past. >> who missed the clues and how did they? >> there will be a lot of accusation. >> steve: we thank you very much. and you make a good point, after columbine, which by the way, happened 20 miles from that particular shooting last night, that happened in april of 1999. 12 kids killed in that. 26 wound. after that, kids when they went to school, they worried about somebody going to shoot at my school? now going forward, dr. bodien feels when people go to the movie theater. >> it's different in the future. >> peter: absolutely. thank you. our coverage continues with the movie massacre after the break with father jonathan morris with what is happening culturally if this country. how could we get to this point
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: this is a fox news alert. you're looking at images from overnight where there was a massacre at the movie theater. they were showing at midnight "dark knight rises." a guy burst in the exit door, set off an explosive device and started shooting. earlier we had reported that there were reports that there were 14 dead, perhaps 15 dead. now they have revised the number downward to a dozen. 12 people dead. also we know the name of the shooter. he has been identified as james holmes, 24 years old, from north -- the north portion of that particular town in aurora, colorado. >> there are also reports that the car that he was driving to the movie theater before
5:25 am
bursting into the emergency exit had tennessee plates on it. not sure about his connection there. but we'll continue working that as well. >> peter: president obama is in florida, but he was notified before 5:30 this morning about the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado. peter doocy live in washington with president obama's response to the rampage. peter? >> peter, we're told that at 5:26, president obama, who spent the night in palm beach, florida, was notified by his homeland security advisor, john brennan, about the massacre at the movie theater in aurora, colorado. we just got a statement from the president in the last hour. he's promising to stay on top of the developments. he says we are committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice, ensuring the safety of our people and caring for those who have been wounded as we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge. we must now come together as one american family. all of us must have the
5:26 am
community of aurora in our thoughts and prayers as they confront the loss of family, friends and neighbors as we stand with them in the challenges hours examine days to come. we also just heard from his republican opponent and the presidential race, mitt romney, who said in a statement, a writn statement, ann and i will are deeply sad id by the senseless violence that took the lives of 15 people in colorado that. number has obviously just been revised downward. injured dozens more. we are praying for the families and loved ones of the victims during this time deep shock examine immense grief. we expect that the person responsible for this terrible crime will be quickly brought to justice. now, mitt romney had a scheduled 12:10 campaign event in new hampshire. that event will go on as planned and he will address the event in colorado. we're also expect to go hear more from the president about this aten event in fort myers flax fellow, about three hours from right now. back to you in new york. >> steve: all right. peter doocy live at the white house with national reaction. thank you very much.
5:27 am
>> really a dark cloud covering these batman movies with the last one coming out examine heath ledger's death and this one and this mass murderer storming into the movie theater. >> peter: this event will cause waves and unfortunately for people's families, culturally across the day and across the weeks to come as people come to grips with how this happened, why this happened, who else, if anyone was involved and what can be done in the future to insure this type of thing doesn't happen again. >> steve: we're going to take a quick time out and we'll be back in two minutes with more details of the massacre at the movie eat good fats.
5:28 am
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the most highly recommended bed in america. to learn more or to find an authorized retailer near you, visit >> we have more on your friday morning from aurora, colorado. sad, terrible news to report. a movie massacre going on there as a masked gunman storms into a theater, killing 12 people and injuring at least 50. we've got a lot more details that have been coming in and this investigation obviously is very fluid. we've been getting conflicting reports as far as numbers go and all sorts of things. heather has been covering this all night long. >> good morning. the latest on this is that this happened at 12:30 a.m. in the morning, mountsen time at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. we're now learning new information about the identity of the shooter who was nabbed by police shortly after the shooting began that killed 12 people and injured at least 50.
5:32 am
the suspect is 24-year-old james holmes. we understand according to the department of homeland security and reporting by r.j. colby, that he is in the u.s. legally and not on any terror watch list. this man was reportedly wearing a mask and ault proof vest as he suddenly appeared in front of the movie screen at the premiere of the batman movie. this happened just after midnight mountain time at the century 16 movie theater at the aurora town center about ten miles northeast -- southeast of denver, colorado. the shooter apparently had one rifle, one hand gun and another gun that was stashed inside the theater. we know atf officials are on the scene right there and they are tracing some of those weapons to try to determine where the guy obtained them. the suspect, as he was in the movie theater, threw some sort of canister into the theater. witnesses there report hearing some sort of a hissing sound and then seeing what appeared to be smoke. then the gunman opened fire, shooting between ten and 20
5:33 am
rounds, we're hearing so far. he then ran back out of the theater to the parking lot and that's where his car was parked. we have some video of this guy's car as police and others were searching. apparently this guy made some sort of a statement to police implying he had explosives in this vehicle you're seeing right here. he also apparently claimed that he had explosives in his apartment building. atf, f.b.i. and also local police are searching his apartment building at this hour for any possible explosives. again, the guy is a young adult male, apparently white, 24 years old, james holmes, we are hearing is his name. we are also hearing his car may have had tennessee license plates. we are still trying o confirm that at this time. aurora police are asking anyone with any information about this person to please give them a call. just a quick recap, 12 people now confirmed dead by aurora police. at least 50 have been injured and have been taken to at least four hospitals in that area. also keep in mind, 6:30 in the
5:34 am
morning mountsen time now. some family members may be waking up to this news as we hear it right now. a lot of teen-agers go to movies, the midnight showing. so some of those children and young people who were at that movie theater may not have retued home to their parents. some parents presumably just getting this information as they wake up right now. those family members are asked to go to gateway high school that. is in aurora. that is where they can get additional information. that's the latest from here. we'll get you more as we got it. >> steve: thank you very much. 50 12 dead. that's the death count right now. and as you look at screen right, it has images that were taken last night and have been posted by people on twitter. screen left is of the neighborhood where james holmes, 24 years old, the suspect in this mass murder lives. apparently police have blocked off a three-block area around his apartment in north aurora. residents in the area were evacuated at 2:00 o'clock in the morning while police searched
5:35 am
the third floor of the apartment building, the top floor. as we zoomed in a moment ago, we could see the police had -- it looked like they had broken into the window of his apartment and presumably they were just making sure because you can see some images right there -- as they put a hook and ladder truck up next door, he apparently did tell them he had some sort of devices in his apartment and that's why they're being so careful before they go in the front door. >> peter: federal officials indicated they do not believe, they have no evidence to indicate that this would be relating to islamic terrorism in any way. >> steve: or terrorism. >> peter: or terrorism. but under federal law, there may be a charge of terrorism that could be lodged against mr. holmes if he's formally accused and there are certain statutes in the state of colorado that may speak to this kind of conduct. so not the type of al-qaeda terrorism, but domestic terrorism, perhaps. depending how it's prosecuted.
5:36 am
>> i just imagine, our viewers at home sitting this eating their cereal, their jaws are on the floor right now going what on earth is our society coming to where you can't even go see a movie that has had all this hoopla built you will around it and then a mass murderer comes out and shoots everybody. we're joined by father jonathan morris, fox news religion contributor and i imagine that there is going to be all sorts of support systems put in place to help these people cope. what is our society coming to? >> it's a great question. it's something i'm sure a lot of people on the street will ask of me today just walking down the street with a roman collar, anyone who is representing the supernatural and representing hopefully the things of god. it's very easy to make the jump, however, from when we see things changing, changing affects, changing values in our society and then something like this happens and we say, there is proof, society is going to downward spiral. i don't think that's the case.
5:37 am
obviously this is a tragedy. my prayers go out to these families and to all who are involved. but what we've seen time and time again in situations like this is the profile of this person, we'll find out. >> no we don't know for certain at this point burks the profile of person usually of these people usually has to do with a young person who is on the edge, who is somehow detached, someone who is -- feels like they're alone, that they're angry and that they want to make a statement, they want to be heard. they want to be seen. and certainly there can be psychological issues and usually there is. it's not usually as black and white as this guy was nuts. so there is nothing we can do about it as a society or no, this world is going down into a spiral. it's usually a little bit more nuance than that. and the good news, i believe, anna and peter and steve, is that as a society, we can be
5:38 am
looking out for people like this and we can stop many of these cases by being close to people who are on the edge, people who do feel disenfranchised and as a society from churches to local community organizations, to individuals, being a neighbor, saying, i'm going to be there for this person, i'm going to try to get them back connected to a society that can make them whole. >> peter: as a final question, father john, how do you get the people who have lost today connected back to their lives? how do you as a person who has dealt with grief as a priest, how do you console the huh-uh solable? unconsoleable? >> one is trio stop it before it happens. many times therapist, psychologists who are treating somebody who are on the edge, reach out to me as a priest, as a person religion saying i realized that this person might
5:39 am
have psychological problem, but we can help them on an integral perspective and we can bring their pastors into their lives and try to get these people back connected with society. when someone has suffered so much like these families, the first thing we have to do is not give explanations, but rather give hugs. >> peter: what i'm talking b father, is how do you console the people who have lost today? >> yeah. what we have to do is be there examine give them hugs. the people in their neighborhoods, the people in their churches have to come around them and see we're not going to give explanation. we're going to pray and be with you and show you love. >> steve: all right. and a the lo of people are praying today. father jonathan, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: joining us, judge jeanine pirro. judge, as we look at this mass murderer, worse in the united states since 2007 and virginia tech, happened 20 miles away from columbine where a dozen kids died. what are your thoughts this
5:40 am
morning? >> first of all, all of our thoughts go to the families. as father morris was talking about, he was talking more about the shooter, with all due respect, i'm not concerned about him. i'm concerned about the victims and their families and what we will see going forward is the rippleffect of violent crime. how this one individual turned into the personification of evil and took from so many families the very precious life that they had or that their children had. why did he do it? why this movie? why midnight? where did he get the vest in where did he get the weapons? why is he so full of hate? what were the warning signs? why did he want to get away? he clearly wanted to get away. he put himself in a position where he would stun everyone with the gas. they had to go by him to get out at certain parts of the movie that ther, as i understand it. apparently shooting individuals at point-blank range. this guy -- i don't want to hear he's crazy. i don't want to hear about redemption for him. i want to hear about punishment
5:41 am
for evil. >> we're hearing that he not only shot people at points blank range, but an infant. so when people see these images who were in the theater, what type of reaction do you get from them down the line? do they -- obviously their hearts -- do they in turn commit crimes or what type of behavior do you see? >> the question is a good one. you're asking about what happens to victims in the criminal justice system? i've seen it for 30 years where people become the victim of a crime and the anger is turned inward and at some point they use that anger. that's why we need to try to heal the victims, protect them, give them what they need to survive. i'm not concerned about the shooter. at this point, we'll find out why he did it, what motivated him to do it, where did he get the weapons to do it? you've got the aurora police working with state, local, national agencies. they will lock this thing down in no time.
5:42 am
but this is about making sure that we protect the victims and their families. >> peter: let's talk about locking it down because after you were a great judge, you were a great district attorney. what do you do as a d.a.? how will they be moving forward in terms of investigating and prosecuting this case? what should the d.a. be doing there to insure that the victims' needs are met, as you talk about? >> what's going to happen now, peter, is the d.a. is going to be working with law enforcement behind the scenes. they're going to be preparing the search warrants. they're going to be orchestrating in some cases the coordination of the law enforcement agencies. everyone is coming in on this one. there is no turf issue here. something is outrageous as this, nobody cares what agency they're with. they will lock down, have a war room v a game plan, and they will know who he is, who he talked to, cell phones, computers, hi affiliations, where did he get these guns? >> peter: your guess is there is someone else involved. you know nothing about this.
5:43 am
>> absolutely. someone knew what he was going to do. someone knew what his proceed cliffities 9-11 he didn't just wake up one night and say, what is it about this movie, scare crow, the dark night? my son is 23. he's going to the midnight movie tonight. this is -- why? did he have a bone it pick with someone in the movie? is it something about heath ledger? what's going on here? >> steve: clearly premeditated because the way he went in through the back exit, he appeared down by the stage, right in front of the screen and there he is in riot helmet and a flak jacket and some people thought it was part of the movie because it's a stunt, because it's a special night. >> so premeditated. that is the key. this guy planned it. he thought it out. he should be punished as a premeditated, intentional crime. enough with this hogwash is he sick? should he be redeemed? we've got to worry about the victims and in a free society, unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that happens. and there is very little that we can do except be vigilant.
5:44 am
>> thank you. 8:43 is the time. we have continuing coverage of the mass murderer there in aurora, colorado at the "dark knight rises." we'll be right back [ buzz ] off to work! did you know honey nut cheerios is america's favorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereais... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland! and what they said is amazing. review 5-hour energy honey nut cheerios over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent.
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> steve: absolute bedlam. you're looking at images taken at the century 16 movie theater in aurora, colorado, hours after a gunman burst into the front of the movie theater and started shooting people after he lit off some sort of explosive device. rod wheeler, former homicide detective with sources in the law enforcement community in denver has got some details. we were talking earlier before we got started this morning, that if the guy shows up and he's wearing a gas mask and a riot helmet, that almost sounds like something from one of the earlier batman movies. >> exactly. you know what, steve? what i'm being told from my sources is that that is exactly one of the theories that the police investigators are trying
5:48 am
to figure out now. is there a scene in that batman movie that this guy was trying to recreate, which means this, is he affiliated in some kind of way with that network that developed that movie that, production company, or is this guy an employee of that particular movie theater? we don't know. but what we do know is that this guy was very familiar with how that movie theater was arranged because look at it. the guy came into an exit door, a door that he shouldn't have been aware of. then the guy had the ability to get behind the movie theater, the screen itself. so this guy was very familiar with this planned attack. >> peter: but there is no evidence that at this point, that's a hypothesis in terms of production company or the employee of the theater. people looking at all kinds of option. the thing that caught my attention, i wanted to ask but it, rod, there was a notion that somehow a gun, a weapon, a firearm was stashed in the theater. two were recovered on his person or in the automobile, and apparently one firearm was
5:49 am
recovered in the theater. now, if a firearm has been stashed in this theater, that would lead one to believe that somehow that person had gone into that theater before the midnight showing of the batman movie and left that weapon. >> exactly. that's why i said earlier, this guy had to be familiar with the set-up, the arrangements inside that movie theater. this was a clearly planned out attack that was conducted at this movie theater. now, in addition to that, the other question becomes what other weapons did this guy have at his home? that's why the police are executing the search warrant right now and the f.b.i. are involved in this case. now, the joint terrorism task force was put on alert. from what i'm being told now, they've been taken off of alert because initially they didn't know if this was terrorism related and they said it's not. >> anna: so often when we see these mass killings, the gunman will then turn the gun on him or herself and so in this situation it's very different. he's come in, he's got the riot
5:50 am
helmet on, a vest, and he's now in police custody thankfully. but what type of personality goes along with that as opposed to something smells. >> this is an individual who studied long and hard what he wanted to do. he came prepared for war. that's exactly what he came prepared for and that's exactly what he did last night. he entered into war. now, why he had this beef with the people at the theater, with the movie production, who knows? we don't know that. but here is the thing, there had to have been warning signs with this guy. that's why right now the police are going through his computer. they want to interview his family members. they want to see who knew about this guy in advance. >> steve: great points. was this shooter trying to become essentially part of the movie? >> exactly. >> steve: one of the here years they're working with out there. rod wheeler, former homicide detective, thank you very much for joining us all morning long. >> peter: keep working those sources. thank you. >> steve: we'll take a quick time out. we have continuing coverage on the massacre at the movie.
5:51 am
we'll be right back ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ] [ barks ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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>> steve: this is a fox news alert. these are some of the pictures off of twitter from overnight after a gunman broke into the century 16 movie theater in aurora, colorado, set off some sort of a smoke device or some sort of tear gas device and then started shooting people one by one. this picture right here of a man crying at the door of a hospital from the denver post this morning. >> anna: can you imagine so many more people feeling those same emotions as it really is probably just now starting to set in. this happening mountain time just after midnight, the midnight showing of the "dark knight rises," the now batman
5:55 am
movie. >> peter: in some way america is burying its face in its hands, too. we all reach out with our prayers for the people in aurora. let's bring in fox news medical a team dr. mark siegle. good morning. i know you've been watching these events. let's talk about the profile of the shooter a little bit, although we don't know a lot and then let's talk about some of the injuries these people face. what are your thoughts? >> first of all, as has been mentioned, i think there is a good likelihood he's influenced by tv violence or movie violence. maybe he does think he's part of the film. you got to wonder about that age in the 20s, he's at risk for psychotic breaks, schizophrenia, drugs, could he have been on antidepressant? all these things have to be investigated by the police right now. what provoked this? clearly was premeditated. even premeditated something set it off. >> peter: what about the injuries? >> i think the first thing is the tear gas or the smoke that was in the theater. that causes the panic that makes the eyes very irritated and can scar the eyes. i believe that a lot of the people that are being treated right now for injuries at the aurora hospital, local one,
5:56 am
probably tear gas or smoke related. i want to point out to our viewers that the trauma centers in the denver area are among the top in the country. very top. swedish hospital where the critically injured are and children's hospital, they're excellent. so they stabilize the patients. they give them intervenus fluids, blood if necessary. they don't generally take the bullets out. the bullets do not come tout in this situation. >> steve: dr. mark siegle, we thank you very much for joining us. more from aurora, colorado, where 12 are dead and 50 hurt when we roll on live from new york ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but bounty basic can handle them. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life. bring it with affordably priced bounty basic.
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>> steve: fox news alert. that imsays it all. hundreds of kids went to the movies last night and at least 12 died. 50 hurt when a gunman opened fire at the midnight showing of the "dark knight
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